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radio Show - March 2017

Spring is here with so many upcoming events and activities to enjoy in Southern California for the next few months.  After an abundant season of rain, we can now celebrate the outdoors by exploring many beautiful open spaces to take walks, hike or just breath in fresh air.   The current need to focus on the preservation of our environment is a priority for those who believe in pro-activism, we'll visit two hidden treasures in Los Angeles that provide opportunities for children and adults to get involved.

I'll first take you to a beautiful location on top of Mulhulland Drive and Coldwater Canyon to visit Tree People, a hidden oasis off the beaten path of the city.  There are hiking trails with spectacular views of the city as well as community programs to help plant trees throughout the city of Los Angeles, including at inner city schools and parks.  Stay tuned to hear an interview on how you can get involved and the importance of preserving trees in the South land.

We'll then visit an ecological reserve tucked away on the edge of the city by the sea called Ballona Wetlands, to learn about one of the last coastal wetlands in Los Angeles.  The Friends of The Wetlands offers tours to children and adults to learn how a restoration project brought back over 200 species of birds that here and return every year during migration.  The mainland depends on wetlands to help protect us from the unpredictable nature of climate change.  A spring event will take place on April 1rst celebrating Migrations, stay tuned to hear the show this week for more details and information.




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